Benefits to Your Business

Your events on your website.
Displayed on multiple calendars on all websites participating immediately.
Correct information entered by you.
Event changes immediately fixed on all calendars. Rain dates, cancellations, and other last minute adjustments.


Your event is posted on every participating organization's website on their calendar. Now your event is listed on multiple websites!
Plus you are listed on our Connected Contributors page with a link to your website.

Save Time and Money

Reduce time because now you need only one calendar to enter your own events, and post them on the Connected Community Calendar which is on your website. Allows every participating website to display what you are doing. They can view your events from their own website plus view it on any other local participating organization's website.


Optimize event or meeting scheduling for yourself, staff, clients and the audience you need to attract for your event. Minimize conflicts. No missed dates.


  • Increase business opportunities by learning what other business are doing and when. For example if there's an art opening taking place you may want to keep your store open later or run a special at your restaurant to attract more patrons on the day of the art opening.

  • Create "spur of the moment" events at your business which are promoted through the calendar.


Easy to use interface for quick event posting.


Instant updates of last minute event changes. One time only, multiple days and repeat events can be scheduled. 


Attract more locals, tourists, clients, patrons. You can opt to show your events only or all community events by default.


Greater opportunities for community networking, collaboration and cooperation.

Secured from misuse

Each participating website is manually reviewed by our calendar administrator. Inappropriate events posted will removed and we will ban the website owner from future postings.