How it Works

Using Connected Community Calendars is very easy.
Add code found below to your website.
Contact us for Approval. (a one-time process; no cost)
Click on the "Add Event" link on your new calendar.
Follow directions by entering your email address
Then, simply enter the event information and save.


Getting Started

1. Go to Connected Community Calendars.

2. Click Here to verify your email address.
3. We will send an email with a link to our registration form.

3. Shortly you will receive approval via email after our staff manually confirms you and your website.

4. The email will contain direction for you to get code to add to your website (see directions below).
If you need assistance, contact us or ask your webmaster.
5. Once it is working, the calendar will appear on the page or pages of your website where you assigned it.

6. Simply click on "add events" to get a pop-up menu where you can enter your event.

7. Save your event to display on your calendar and at the same moment on all the other websites using this calendar

The Code:

for websites using html5 standards:
Add these 4 lines of code to your website to display the calendar.
Then give us a call to register your website so that you can add your own events.

<div id="cCc" ></div>

<script src="" ></script>
<script src="" ></script>
<script type="text/javascript" >loadCalendar("cCc");</script>

for websites using WordPress:
save this plugin to your desktop
Then "Add New" under the "plugins" menu
upload the plugin
activate the plugin
add this code to your webpage (including brackets):